Since 1992, Fields Data Recovery has been providing data recovery, digital forensic and data security services internationally to a wide variety of consumers. Our first three years were spent as a small family run business recovering data for affiliates based in South Wales. Over the next 15 years our client base has grown to include a huge number of individuals, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and many non-profit organizations. Some of our more well-known clients include: Reuters, Department of Defence, Warner Brothers, TDK, IBM, Intel and many more.

Despite the enormous magnification from a small family run business to a global, customer driven service, Fields Data Recovery has never strayed from its original goal: effective solutions for data loss at customer friendly prices whilst continually maintaining high standards and ensuring that each of our customers enjoys a superior service.

Our expansion across the UK, investment into research and vast experience allows us to now provide the same high quality services on a global scale and we now have offices, laboratories and highly trained staff all over the world. We are continuing to grow and improve our services year on year as we strive to surpass customer expectations and continually research into new technologies.

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